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Tonight's Sky
Star Chart courtesy: Heavens-above

Astronomy Fact
Pluto is no longer considered a planet. It is now known as a "Dwarf Planet".

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Sun/Moon Data for Mickleham, Victoria

Sunspot Activity
Sunset: 17:08
Sunrise: 07:33
DIY Sunspot Viewer
moon 55% illuminated - First Quarter Moon
Moonrise: 12:42 (14/06/2024)
New Moon: 06/07/2024 08:58
Full Moon: 22/06/2024 11:09
  • Sunspots are solar magnetic storms. The spots appear darker because the temperature of the spots are lower than the surrounding photosphere.
  • They serve as a reservoir for solar flares and coronal mass ejections, which cause Aurorae, power/communication outages, and satellite anomalies.
  • The Sun's activity waxes and wanes in an 11-year sunspot cycle; Solar Minimum is when the number of sunspots are lowest.
  • There seems to be a correlation between Solar Min/Maximum and Earth's weather. The extent to which Ozone, stratospheric winds, global circulation patterns, and cloud seeding are all affected are still being studied.

Mickleham, Victoria, Australia Sky Forecast

Sky Forecast
Forecasts courtesy of: ClearSky and 7timer


7timer key

Octet-gram of cloud cover, blue is for clear while white is for cloud. e.g. the "cake" on the left is 0% cloud while the one on the right is 100% cloud.

7timer key

Astronomical seeing. From left to right: <0.5", 0.5"-0.75", 0.75"-1", 1"-1.25", 1.25"-1.5", 1.5"-2", 2"-2.5", >2.5". In short, the smaller/bluer, the better the seeing condition is.

7timer key

Atmospheric transparency. From left to right: <0.3, 0.3-0.4, 0.4-0.5, 0.5-0.6, 0.6-0.7, 0.7-0.85, 0.85-1, >1 (unit: mag per air mass). In short, the fewer bars/bluer, the better the transparency is.

7timer key

Chances of rain/snow.

7timer key

Atmospheric instability. From left to right: lifted index between 0 to -3, -3 to -5, and below -5.

7timer key

Humid weather warning. From left to right: relative humidity between 80%-90%, 90%-95%, and over 95%.

7timer key

Windy weather warning. From left to right: sustained wind speed between 8.0-10.8m/s (fresh), 10.8-17.2m/s (strong), and over 17.2m/s (gale or above).

Stellar Neighbours

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Earth Satellite Vehicle Passes

International Space Station ESV Ground Trace

Notes about viewing ESVs:
When using lookangles, choose passes with high magnitudes; less than 6.0. ("Looks" are local time.)
Best viewing is when ESV is in Earth's penumbra; on the map, it's the solid line during night.
Dotted line on map denotes ESV is dark, in Earth's umbra (shadow).
Objects in orbit have to maintain a speed of at least 17,500mph, therefore ESVs traverse the sky noticeably different than aircraft.
ESVs appearing to blink are either tumbling rocket bodies, or spinning payloads with deployed solar arrays.
High-Eccentricity objects have a more ellongated orbit. Ground trace looks like a backwards C.
Regression-Ground traces will move West with each orbit due to Earth's rotation.

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