Official BOM Victoria State Daily Observations

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:30 pm EST on Sunday 20 August 2017.

Recent Events
Showers eased overnight and only remained very isolated and patchy about the
coast. Patchy fog and extensive frost formed about the State during Sunday
morning. These cleared a couple of hours after sunrise. Sunny conditions
resulted in snow melts in rain gauges about the Alpine regions. Rain gauges
south of the ranges generally recorded falls of up to 7mm, though the highest
totals were 21mm at Mt St Leonard and 17.4mm at Mallacoota.

Minimum temperatures were generally three to six degrees below the May average,
with widespread frost observed particularly about inland areas. Most minima
ranged between -4 and 6 degrees. The lowest minimum reported was -9.1 degrees
at Mount Hotham, with the annual record minimum temperature at Mt Hotham being
-9.3 degrees. By contrast Wilsons Promontory had the mildest night with 8.3
degrees. Two locations set records for lowest minimum on record for August.
These were Casterton with -2 degrees, and Westmere with -3.5 degrees.

Showers about the coast cleared quickly this morning, and mainly clear
conditions prevailed. Winds were predominantly light. Some trace amounts of
rain were recorded across a handfull of locations about the State, with sunny
conditions resulting in snow melts in rain gauges about the Alpine regions.

Maximum temperatures around Victoria to 3pm were generally between 2 to 4
degrees below the August average and typically ranged between 9 and 14 degrees.
The highest temperature recorded was just 15.4 at Mildura. In contrast a
maximum of just -1.7 degrees was recorded at Mount Hotham, 3 degrees below the

In Melbourne the temperature ranged from a minimum of 5.1 degrees at 7:28am to
a maximum of 13.3 degrees at 3:07pm. 2.0mm of rain was recorded in the city
gauge in the 24 hours to 9am today, with no further rain falling after 9am.

Explanatory Notes
A high pressure system over Victoria will drift away to the northeast tonight.
A cold front and associated low pressure system over the Bight will weaken as
they move across the State on Monday. A ridge of high pressure will extend over
Victoria on Tuesday as another front approaches from the southwest. The cold
front will cross southern Victoria on Wednesday while a high pressure system
over the Bight extends a ridge over Victoria on Thursday.

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