Official BOM Victoria State Daily Observations

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:30 pm EST on Wednesday 18 September 2019.

Recent Events
Yesterday saw a generally dry day across the state, with only east Gippsland
recording some isolated and generally light showers. Mt Wellington saw 3m, with
Combienbar recording 1.6mm.

Clear skies meant overnight minima were well below average, generally by 3 to 7
degrees. Minima mostly ranged between -3 and 7 degrees, with Mt Hotham seeing
the lowest temperature of -5. Wilsons prom did not drop below 9.

Widespread frost across much of the state cleared quickly this morning.
Victoria then saw a mostly sunny day with only some patchy afternoon cloud in
the east, with generally light and variable winds tending more northerly
throughout the afternoon. No rainfall was recorded in the 7 hours to 4pm.

Maximum temperatures were generally around or slightly above average for
September and mostly ranged between 11 and 19 degrees. Hopetoun, Mildura, Swan
Hill and Kerang all recorded the highest maximum of 21 degrees, while Mt Buller
and Mt Hotham had the lowest maxima of 5.

In Melbourne, the temperature ranged from a minimum of 4.3 degrees at 6:38am to
a maximum of 18.9 degrees at 2:20pm. No rainfall was recorded in the Melbourne
gauge in the 31 hours to 4pm this afternoon.

Explanatory Notes
A high pressure system will continue drifting east into the Tasman sea today. A
cold front and associated trough will approach western Victoria Thursday night
and will enter western and central Victoria on Friday, crossing eastern
Victoria early Saturday.

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