Official BOM Victoria State Daily Observations

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology

Notes on the Weather
Issued at 4:30 pm EST on Monday 27 May 2019.

Recent Events
In the 24 hours to 9am a cold front brought showers to all parts of Victoria.
There were widespread falls of 10-25mm, although rainfall totals in the Mallee
and East Gippsland tended to be below 5mm. The highest recorded totals were
33mm at Wonthaggi and 28mm at Matong North and Wilsons Promontory.

Overnight minimum temperatures were up to 6 degrees below the May average, and
mostly ranged between 3 and 8 degrees. The lowest recorded minimum was -5
degrees at Mt Buller and Falls Creek, followed by -4 degrees at Mt Baw Baw.
Away from the Alpine resorts the lowest was -2 degrees at Mt William followed
by zero degrees at Ben Nevis and Hunters Hill.

It was a largely cloudy day in the south, although there were some sunny breaks
in the north. Scattered showers persisted over southern and mountain districts
throughout the day, with just a few isolated showers about the northern plains.
Thunderstorms developed near the coast and over south Gippsland. The highest
recorded rainfall totals in the 7 hours to 4pm were 24mm at Balook, 16mm at
Rhyll and 15mm at Mt Tassie.

Winds were mostly moderate to fresh west to southwesterlies, strong at times
about the coast and over elevated areas. Wind gusts as high as 127 km/h were
recorded at Wilsons Promontory. Cape Otway recorded gusts to 90 km/h while
Yanakie and Port Fairy reported 87 knot gusts.

Maximum temperatures were up to 10 degrees below average, and mostly ranged
between 8 and 14 degrees. The highest recorded maximum was 15 degrees at
Mildura, Walpeup and Moorabbin. In contrast the temperature did not climb above
zero at the Alpine resorts, which all reported snow. In addition, due to the
fresh winds and low humidity, the apparent ("feels like") temperature generally
remained in single digits throughout the State, and in some cases it felt more
than 10 degrees colder than the actual recorded temperature.

In Melbourne, the temperature ranged from a minimum of 7.8 degrees at 7:06am,
to a maximum of 14.0 degrees at 2:09pm. The city recorded 8.2mm of rain in the
24 hours to 9am but only a further 0.2mm in the 7 hours to 4pm.

Explanatory Notes
Another strong cold front will approach from the southwest later tomorrow
before crossing the State on Wednesday leaving a cold and unstable
southwesterly airstream in its wake. A large high pressure system will develop
south of the Bight during Wednesday but will drift only slowly eastwards and
will still be west of Victoria by the weekend.

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